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TFW the Pretzels Are No Longer Free

Some visitors may have noticed a change recently -- this site used to offer the option of making online appointments here. Unfortunately, I can't currently afford to continue to both insure the Sole Proprietorship and pay for the site features that enable online booking. For those who would like to help support businesses and nonprofits in the Great Lakes region, I am still offering services in statistics, education, and science. I am currently seeking new clients, and you can now contact me on my cell phone at (216) 509-1613 in order to schedule an appointment.

It's a fairly simple economic principle: if you want your region to thrive economically, spend your money within your own region instead of allowing it to do the fiscal equivalent of venting off into space. My choice this quarter was to maintain the business insurance and keep the money within the Great Lakes region. Most likely I will jettison my relationship with Wix when this website is next up for renewal, and I am already testing out a low-cost alternative to enable online payment for the services I provide.

What else has been happening recently? Two major updates.

First, I have developed a preliminary business plan, which turned out to be a helpful exercise to evaluate earlier parameterizations. During the next three years, I am aiming to limit annual business income to medium in size, with a goal of successfully landing at least one government-funded project. (How big medium is exactly depends a lot on health care costs, and what "landing" means is still up for interpretation -- I am happy to write grant proposals for prime contractors.) My quarterly income goals firmly remain small from now into Q3 2024, as per quantitative standards evolved while disabled and working remotely alongside NASA.

The other update is development on a Return-to-Work model. The model has been very exploratory. The main outcome to disclose at this time is that the State of Ohio failed to meet the Sole Proprietorship's standards for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion determined necessary for the Return-to-Work model to be functional statewide. As a result, the Sole Proprietorship can no longer reasonably recommend State of Ohio's services to persons with disabilities and/or persons who are LGBTQ+.

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