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With prior experience as a freelance science writer/editor, an employee of a mid-sized environmental consulting firm, and STEAM curriculum developer, I had already participated in the first and second waves of remote work before COVID-19.  I am now prepared to help you navigate the complexities of statistics, education, and science in the third wave.  Learn more about my current service options below, and set up an appointment today by calling (216) 509-1613.

Image by Chris Liverani


My research in tree genomics put me in touch with big data over a decade ago, and I have successfully transferred my statistical skills to environmental and public health challenges with policy implications.  I love to learn new statistical methods through new projects, and my services are customized to meet the specific needs of even the most math-shy clients.

Science Class


With over fifteen years of experience in science education and outreach, I have engaged students from middle school through the graduate level in both online and face-to-face contexts.  My work in curriculum development emphasizes science process skills, learning to see diversity, and equipping students for future environments that may not yet exist.

Plant Biologist


While PhD training typically encourages most scientists to specialize, I have explored multiple research themes spanning the full range of biology, from the genetic scale through the ecosystem scale.  As an interdisciplinary systems thinker versed in both empirical research and simulation modeling, I can help clients use science to address complex challenges.

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