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Halfway to Startup?

NB: The following partial post is otherwise-unedited copy from a period during which I was experiencing trauma severe enough to merit weekly therapy. If it seems like a horrible idea to attempt to run a Sole Proprietorship while actively experiencing trauma and executive dysfunction, you are someone who is adequately equipped to think rationally about how an effective social safety net does and does not function. Feel free to reach out to me at to discuss opportunities to support testing on a proprietary approach to return-to-work after disablement. I'm my own test subject.




Business & Professional Development:

  • Filed first provisional patent with Co-Inventor/Angel Investor

  • Commitment to hire at least two (2) multiply minoritized individuals by end of 2022

  • Completed courses through Ohio Means Jobs to support business planning

Education Consulting:

  • Research Coordination Network invitation accepted (participant)

  • Decadal Vision response (participant)

Grant-Funded Research:

  • Subcontracts exceeding $15,000 (Co-PI, science): 1

  • Additional grant funded projects (PI): 1

Unfunded Projects:

  • Research manuscript drafts in progress (lead author; science): 2

Financial Summary:

  • Gross receipts, end of Q2 2021: >$7,500 (excludes federal stimulus funds)

  • Proportion of income threshold for 2022 met by current contracts: >65%

  • Financial commitments to hire represent a minimum of $22,000 in gross sales

Goals for Year 2:

Business & Professional Development:

  • Articulate mission and vision

  • Define sustainable work parameters

  • Develop financial targets for five-year plan


  • Submit top priority manuscript for peer review

  • Successfully deliver on project commitments made prior to December 31, 2020

  • Submit at least two research proposals as PI, any stage

Current Status:

Based on

L.K. Tuominen

September 30, 2021

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